We Are Downsizing

While that may sound like a bad thing to many of you, it should be seen as a good thing. Why? Because it’s an opportunity for you to save LOTS of money. You might be asking yourselves: “How can I save money from your downsizing KEY ISSUES Comics?” That’s easy. We’re having a clearance sale while supplies last (or until Jan. 1, 2018). And for those of you wondering why we’re downsizing it’s simply a matter of moving away from doing conventions. It’s becoming quite costly to attend the large events so we’ve chosen to focus on e-commerce instead. As a result we’re clearing out most of our inventory which brings us back to the good news. And that’s discounts!

Almost everything is on sale. There are roughly 45 long boxes of Silver to Modern Age books containing long runs of popular titles such as Amazing Spider-Man, X-Men, Preacher, The Walking Dead, Harley Quinn, Deadpool, The Fantastic Four, Batman, Saga, Tomb of Dracula, SpawnSilver Surfer, and sooo many more. Our customers know that our regular prices are quite fair to begin with so this a can’t miss opportunity to complete runs or try new titles.

Prices below are in Canadian dollars. The discount rates marked below with an asterisk are for our beloved fans who receive and additional 5% discount as a special bonus.

General Inventory Discount

The discounts are greater the more you buy. Dollar amounts refer to the sticker prices. Here’s the breakdown:

  • -20% (-25%*): $0.01-$50.00
  • -25% (-30%*): $50.01-$150.00
  • -30% (-35%*): $150.01-$300.00
  • -35% (-40%*): $300.01-$600.00
  • -40% (-45%*): $600.01-$800.00
  • -45% (-50%*): $800.01-$1,000.00
  • -50% (-55%*): $1,000,01+

The above discounts apply to the following sections of our inventory:

  • Sets
  • Cheapie bins ($2 books)
  • Magazines, fanzines, art folios and graphic novels
  • TPBs/HCs (U.S. cover price)
  • Regular bins ($35.00 and less books dating from the Bronze Age to present)

Blowout Bins Discount

These are our regular discount bins that are being blown out! They consist of mostly Silver Age and Bronze Age books.

  • -70% (-75%*)

Wall Books Discount

Yes, we will be discounting selected wall books! These are all books priced $40.00+.

  • -20% (-25%*)

The above discount applies to the following sections of our inventory:

  • Graded comics (CGC, PGX, CBCS)
  • Raw “wall” books

You’re probably thinking how can I get my hands on these cheap comics??? That’s easy. You can book an appointment to meet at our storage facility or simply drop by our booth at any of the upcoming events we’ll be doing. But keep in mind, the best stuff will go fast, so the sooner you act, the more likely you’ll find what you’re looking for!

What are you waiting for? Contact us now to start saving big time!