FantastiConMTL was several weeks ago, but better late than never with a review, right? I’ve had really important things to do like watch Stranger Things season 2, Riverdale season 2, reading comics, etc., so please forgive me for the delay folks. So here we go!

What’s FantastiCon You Ask?

For those of you unaware, FantastiConMTL is a great alternative—if you love comics—to those large cross-media geek culture events like the Montreal Comiccon. The latter is more geared towards the casual geek and celebrity hound. The former, however, is an event for lovers of comic books and those who create them. It’s a much smaller-scale event without all of the fanfare and chaos surrounding those bigger events, which means you can hang out and talk with fellow fans, creators and vendors in a much more relaxed environment. I like both, but the smaller events are more enjoyable because I get to talk to my customers.

This marks the 3rd year the event has been held. It’s growing and maturing, and I look forward to its evolution as I believe it has its place in the hearts of comic book fans. Please come on out and support the next edition in the Spring!

Show Recap

Attendance was relatively strong, despite being held on Thanksgiving Sunday, which wasn’t the wisest marketing decision. Having said that, it was our best FantastiConMTL outing in terms of sales, even though we opted to leave our wall display and wall books back in storage. I guess folks were really excited by our clearance sale—which is still in effect by the way—and took advantage of the awesome deals!

Here are some notable items that sold:

  • Amazing Spider-Man #298, 299, 316, 654
  • Fantastic Four #54
  • Detective Comics #441
  • Deadpool #42
  • Man of Steel #18
  • Superman #75
  • What If #10
  • X-Factor #6
  • G.I. Joe #21
  • Walking Dead Weekly #98 CGC 9.8
  • Conan the Barbarian #2, 3 in high grade raw
  • Tomb of Dracula #9, 13, 33 in high grade raw

A nice selection of less expensive back issues also flew out of the bins. Don’t delay; visit us at our upcoming events to take advantage of the clearance sale before someone else snatches up that elusive issue you’ve been looking for.

Sadly, we were just 2 and therefore didn’t get much of a chance to wander around this time to take photos. However, we’re not going to leave you empty-handed after making read a boring sales report so here’s a photo gallery from the folks from FantastiConMTL. Enjoy!

That’s it for the KEY ISSUES Comics recap of the latest edition of FantastiConMTL. We hope you enjoyed it and we look forward to seeing you soon.