We’re back from vacation, so time for a belated and abbreviated Montreal Comiccon review.


As usual, I want to thank my team for being there for me and to give a shout to the Montreal Comiccon team for making this happen. And of course, thanks to you, our loyal customers. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Size Doesn’t Matter! (Or Does It?)

We reduced our booth size by half this year to lower costs, and also to make it easier on my staff and I (we’re not getting any younger ya know! 😉). So, was it worth it? Yes, we hit our sales targets, and our regular customers found us, but we had very little traffic, and ultimately business, from customers we do not know, which is the majority of con attendees. Clearly, our smaller booth was easily lost in the sea of exhibitors and  distractions at an event of this scale. Therefore, we’ve opted for a slightly larger space next year. That should give us a little better exposure.

Speaking of Sales…

We may have hit our sales target, but it could have been MUCH better, because sales on Friday were surprisingly strong, which is not usually the case, for us at least. That set some pretty optimistic expectations for the week-end, given the fact that Saturday is normally the big day due to the sheer number of attendees. Unfortunately, Saturday was a bust for us as we spent a large chunk of the day taking breaks and sitting around chatting amongst ourselves. We’re normally swamped on the Saturday each year. Odd, very odd… But, as I said above, I believe our small booth was the main cause for this. Fortunately, Sunday was decent for us. So, all in all, we’re pleased with our sales.

The comic book creator guest list was small this year, which means that the demand for comics to be signed was low. The exception—for us at least—was Batman: Damned #1, because Brian Azzarello was present. We sold all of our copies of issues 1 through 3. Other than that I cannot think of anything that was being asked for repeatedly during the week-end. Stuff that sold from the bins consisted of the regular suspects: Amazing Spider-man, Detective Comics and Batman. Speaking of Batman, we also sold piles of Batman-related graphic novels, TPBs and HCs. I guess folks just cannot get enough of the Bat! A funny thing happened (well not that funny) at one point. We had 5 copies of the Watchmen in TPB format with us and we hadn’t sold any copies until about half way through the week-end, when BAM, three suddenly sold within an hour. It’s strange when that happens.

Here are some sales highlights:

  • Amazing Spider-man (raw) #40, 78, 126, 252 (CDN price variant signed by Jim Shooter), 361 (x2)
  • Amazing Spider-man (CGC): #300 (7.0), 300 (9.4),
  • Forever People #1 CGC 7.5
  • Power Pack #1
  • Batman: Damned #1 (3 copies)
  • House of Mystery #175, 177
  • Hulk #340
  • Catwoman #6 Artgerm CGC 9.8
  • Spider-Gwen: Ghost Spider #1 Artgerm variant CGC 9.8
  • Die #1
  • Black Hammer #1 CGC 9.8

The Bad & The Ugly

There’s was none this year! No thieves, etc. And for that we are extremely grateful.

The Good

Despite the disappointments outlined above regarding the booth size, the smaller set up did have its advantages: a quick take down! Oh boy, sooo much easier and quicker to depart after the show. My old bones sure appreciated it.

That’s a Wrap

That’s it for the KEY ISSUES Comics recap of this year’s edition of the Montreal Comiccon. We hope you enjoyed it and we look forward to seeing you soon. Perhaps at the inaugural Laval Comiccon? Yes, the team behind the Montreal Comiccon is opening up shop in Laval next!

Enjoy the photos and comment below to share your highlights from this year’s event.