Montreal Comiccon 2018: The KEY ISSUES Comics Experience

Another Montreal Comiccon has come and gone, and as always, it was fun, yet exhausting…

So much to talk about as usual, but let’s start off by thanking everyone who made the event possible. Thanks for your patience and hard work. See you again next year! Special thanks goes out to my team. Without you, KEY ISSUES Comics is just another comic book vendor. You guys (and gals) are what sets us apart from so many of our competitors. You come to work with a smile on, and make sure I keep mine, even when things go sideways. You’re my second family and I love you all!

Ok, ok, enough with the mushy stuff. You didn’t come here to read about that, did you? No! You came here to read about comics. So let me deliver the goods.

My Heroes!

Let me reiterate how awesome my team is. They are at the top of the “good” list. Several first-timers stepped in at the last moment to fill a gaping hole left in my week-end roster when one of my regulars had to drop out this year. Kudos to you all! I couldn’t do it without you. You guys are true superheroes. And props to the event staff and volunteers. Everything went without a hitch, even when the exhibitor elevator broke down. Well done folks.

Better Than Last Year

In terms of sales, this was a good show for us especially after last year’s disappointment. If you recall, we had a poor spot in the exhibitor room last year, and it seems like so many of our regulars missed us. This year we had a somewhat better spot across from one of the larger comic book vendors, which guaranteed some relevant foot traffic. So much is left to randomness at these big events because people are overloaded with sights and sounds and wander around randomly for the most part. You just have to pray that they decide to turn down your aisle while they STILL have money to spend!

Speaking of spending, we didn’t notice any particular trend regarding sales or requests, but that’s likely the result of few big name comic book creator guests. The exception to that was the Bronze Age Ms. Marvel #1, thanks no doubt to Gerry Conway being in attendance. And Amazing Spider-man #129 to a lesser extent. Other than that, sales were all over the place during the week-end. Bin book sales continue to decrease—at least for us—even when discounted. On the flip side, demand for CGC books continues to rise. I remember about 10 years ago when I was amongst the very few local vendors selling them and not a single person was interested in buying them. Local folks looked at them with near disgust, but the times they are a changing’ as Mr. Dylan once sang. The market continues to evolve. One area that continues to be very strong for us and everyone else is keys, specifically 1st appearances. I’ve never sold so many as I did this year. Another area where sales are strong for us is discounted TPBs/HCs, which warms my heart because it reassures me that there ARE people out there who actually enjoy READING comics. A huge hug goes out to those of you sitting next to a stack of “must read” TPBs.

Here are some highlights of the books we sold:

  • Harley Quinn #1 CGC 9.8
  • Saga #1 CGC 9.6
  • Batman #211, 219, 242, 366
  • Tales of the Teen Titans #44 CGC 9.6
  • Punisher War Journal #1 CGC 9.8
  • House of Mystery #112, 176, 182, 184, 236 (nice copies with beautiful eye appeal)
  • House of Secrets #81, 86, 90, 98, 112, 139 (nice copies with beautiful eye appeal)
  • Hulk #180, 182
  • X-Men #67, 140
  • Fantastic Four #34, 67
  • Amazing Spider-man #187 CGC 9.2, 311 CGC 9.8, 798 CGC 9.6
  • Amazing Spider-man #606
  • Seven to Eternity #1 CGC 9.8
  • Detective Comics #475
  • Danger Girl #2 Smoking Gun variant CGC 9.6
  • Savage She-Hulk #1
  • Power Man #19
  • Strange Tales #180
  • Spectacular Spider-man #160
  • Nova #1
  • Daredevil #181
  • Captain America #109
  • Iron Man #1 CGC 8.5

Internet Sensations?

Nah, I don’t think so, but we were interviewed by the Toy Time Machine. Watch the video, it’s fun (you can see us at the 10:46 mark).

Cosplayers, Where Were You?

Sadly, we didn’t get to take many photos of cosplayers this year. Very few of them wandered by our neck of the woods. Oh well, next year! But we did get to see some friendly faces including the lovely Estrada Sisters and the Montreal X-Men. However, I did have a fun a moment with a Sue Storm cosplays and her friend. It her a moment to get what I was doing and then she had to explain it to her friend as I walked away. There was a delayed chuckle.

The Ugly

It’s unfortunate to have to write something in this section but ugliness reared its ugly head in the form of the thieves. Several exhibitors were robbed this year by what appears to be a group of individuals targeting vendors at comic book conventions. The thieves didn’t just walk off with an item or two; they stole money bags and cash boxes. How devastating for those affected. I hope they get caught. People like that disgust me. Please contact the Montreal Comiccon organizers if you have information that could help apprehend the culprits.

The Good

We can’t have “The Ugly” without “The Good.”

The BEST part about this year’s event is the money we raised for Refuge RR. Buy a Comic, Save an Animal was a tremendous success. Read about the details here. Thanks again to EVERYONE who bought something from us this year. Your purchases helped hundreds of animals in need.

That’s a Wrap

Things were so smooth this year that I think we all got home before 8PM on the Sunday after take down. Never has a take down been so quick. Once again, many thanks to my awesome team.

That’s it for the KEY ISSUES Comics recap of this year’s edition of the Montreal Comiccon. We hope you enjoyed it and we look forward to seeing you soon! Enjoy the photos.

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